Selene 72 (2020): an over-equipped pre-owned boat for sale at Trawlers & Yachting!

Discover the Selene 72 of 2020 available in our Trawlers & Yachting catalog !

Selene 72 (2020) - Trawlers & Yachting - bateaux d'occasion en stock - Mandelieu-la-Napoule

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While the effects of the pandemic have caused a shortage in the world's naval production, our Mandelieu-la-Napoule nautical agency still has in stock a few used nuggets to meet the demands of the most demanding yachtsmen. Among our second hand boats is even an exceptional boat: the Selene 72.

Delivered in July 2020 and still under warranty until July 2022, the Selene 72 in our used boats catalog really has everything to make you fall in love with its inimitable high-end performance.

In like-new condition thanks to the care taken by the crew, this emblematic Selene 72 promises you unforgettable outings at sea!

On board, enjoy a comfortable layout designed to ensure that your sailing moments are always a pleasure. Whether you want to make a long crossing or spend a shorter stay at sea, everything is possible with this exceptional and over-equipped Selene 72.

Zoom on this second-hand boat to be seized without delay: Trawlers & Yachting takes you on board.

Vue de face du trawler Selene 72 (2020) - Bateau d'occasion Trawlers & Yachting Mandelieu la Napoule

Front view of the trawler Selene 72 (2020)

Salon intérieur cosy Selene 72 (2020) - Occasion Trawlers & Yachting - Mandelieu

Cozy interior living room Selene 72 (2020)

Highlights of the used Selene 72 (2020) available from stock

With the pandemic that has slowed down the naval productions all over the world, the new or almost new boats are rare. The Selene shipyard is no exception to the rule, as there are very few boats available as new on the market today.

The Selene 72 from 2020 still in stock in our catalog is therefore an exception!

The boat that we offer in our used stock is a model like new hyper equipped with speed zero stabilizer, hydraulic bow and stern thruster, reversible air conditioning with two generators and complete Raymarine electronics. A real jewel for boaters looking for a luxurious unit in every respect.

Approved for transatlantic Class A trade, this Selene 72 will allow you to sail the seas from here to there according to your desires.

Take to the high seas aboard this flagship trawler from the Jet Tern shipyard! With its complete equipment and comfortable interior and exterior, the Selene 72 promises you a serene trip wherever you want to go.

Poste de pilotage Selene 72 (2020) - Occasion - Trawlers & Yachting Mandelieu

Selene 72 pilot station (2020)

Coin repas / Banquette confort Selene 72 (2020) - Bateau d'occasion Trawlers & Yachting Mandelieu

Dining area / Comfort bench Selene 72 (2020)

Equipped as a single-engine boat with a hydraulic backup engine, the Selene 72 of 2020 has a consumption of 28 L/h at 1300t/mn for a speed of 8 knots and a range of 3200 MN. Enough to take you far without ever failing to meet its objective of offshore pleasure.

Available with a crew on board all year round, let yourself be taken on an offshore adventure that you won't soon forget.

For a delivery of the same boat in new, the delays are 2 years so do not wait to seize this opportunity at Trawlers and Yachting in Mandelieu-la-Napoule. Our team is at your disposal to tell you more about this second hand model.

Take advantage of the possibility to get a berth in Saint-Raphaël!

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Cabine double du Selene 72 (2020) d'occasion - Trawlers Yachting Mandelieu

Double cabin of the used Selene 72 (2020)

Extérieur Selene 72 (2020) disponible en stock occasion Trawlers & Yachting.

Selene 72 (2020) available in stock second hand Trawlers & Yachting

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