Selene 72 on the cover of Neptune magazine special Trawlers & Travel Boats 2021

The new Selene 72 trawler hits the headlines at the start of 2021!

The Neptune magazine dedicated to the world of yachting has decided to put the Selene 72 in the spotlight in a special edition dedicated to Trawlers & Travel Boats. In its March 2021 issue, the monthly focused on one of the flagship models of the Chinese shipyard Jet Tern of which we are exclusive importers for France, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom .

And it must be said that the Selene 72 Ocean Explorer does not leave indifferent on the world nautical scene: with its large High seas navigation qualities and its contemporary style, the trawler yacht Selene is ideal for traveling far away with complete peace of mind. It is also this quiet strength combined with a revisited aesthetic that seduced the magazine Neptune for its special issue.

Focus on this review of the Selene 72 Ocean Explorer to be discovered without delay in our agency on the port of Mandelieu-la-Napoule.

Neptune Magazine March 2021 Trawlers Selene 72 Ocean Explorer - Trawlers Yachting

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Selene 72 Ocean Explorer - Trawlers & Yachting Mandelieu

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Selene 72 Ocean Explorer: a new generation of trawler ready to conquer the seas

For a transatlantic trip and / or a long cruise, nothing beats a good trawler.

In this regard, Neptune magazine was not mistaken: the Selene Ocean Explorer has it all. Revisited and modernized version of the famous Selene 72, the new Selene 72 Ocean Explorer displays all the qualities of a high-end trawler yacht. Integrated into the Ocean Explorer range launched by the Chinese shipyard with the Selene 92, the new Selene 72 is a concentrate of aesthetics, comfort of navigation performance.

Showing at first glance a contemporary silhouette which may surprise for a trawler, the new generation Selene 72 nonetheless remains an authentic trawler boat in all these specificities. The journalists of the magazine Neptune understood it well by going to Saint-Raphaël to discover the model live.

It was Yann Puveland, captain of a Selene 72 Ocean Explorer baptized Sedna and Anaïs, the young hostess on board, who greeted the Neptune journalists on the honor quay of the Vieux- Port of Saint-Raphaël for a complete visit on board. After passing by several boats and yachts including a used Selene 62, the captain is now at the helm of the new trawler Selene 72 Ocean Explorer that allows him to navigate the high seas without stress and when he wants.

Selene 72 Ocean Explorer - Trawlers & Yachting

The design of the new trawler Selene 72 highlighted

First of all, first point: the design of the boat.

While Dutch designer Guido de Groot has created a edgier and more sophisticated line to visually reinvent this boat, none of the key attributes of the trawler have been left out. Bulb displacement hull, dolphin boat, Portuguese bridge, inverted windshield, protected side decks, nothing is missing on the Selene 72 Ocean Explorer!

The Taiwanese architect in charge of the design of the Selene trawlers used the essential codes of Selene DNA to design a practical and easy-going deck and interior layout as for all previous models. An "old navy" atmosphere is enhanced inside with a predominance of wood and the presence of a timeless decoration highlighting noble materials, in particular satin cherry wood paneling.

This exceptional style hits the mark both on the deck and inside the boat.

A pleasure navigation to the rhythm of the seas and oceans

Navigation level, the ship is designed to cruise at 9 / 9.5 knots with an engine speed that does not exceed 1,500 rpm .

It is therefore a comfort vessel particularly suited to fans of quiet cruising. Thanks to its 24 meters in length, the new Selene 72 Ocean Explorer trawler allows boaters to anchor in small coves "which is unthinkable for large yachts" as the owner specifies, who regularly rents his boat to sailors from all walks of life.

Inside cabin Selene 72 Ocean Explorer - Trawlers Yachting

Salon large windows Selene 72 Ocean Explorer - Trawlers Yachting

Comfort on board for long crossings

On board, everything has been designed for the comfort of boaters who are preparing to spend several days or even several weeks at sea. The cockpit is therefore next to a large American kitchen to create a pleasant space to live in during long journeys.

The dimensions of the glazing in the living room have been revised to bring even more light than in the previous Selene 72. Compared to the Selene 62 or Selene 66 previous, the new trawler Selene 72 has a fourth cabin and Larger living spaces like the living room, the aft platform of the flybridge ... Everyone now has their personal cabin when chartering this transatlantic trawler.

As a bonus: reversible air conditioning is available in all cabins!

Optimal handling and responsiveness aboard the new generation trawler

State-of-the-art marine electronics combine with high-end responsiveness equipment.

Wifi on board is required, the connection to the Internet network is also provided by 4G booster antennas integrated into the boat. In terms of maneuvering, two generators of 27 and 13.5 kW complete the technical device of this trawler. The larger generator supplies power to the front / rear thrusters and hydraulic stabilizers. The second manages the electricity on board. These two generators are also present to compensate for possible engine failures during navigation.

Despite her 70 tonnes, the Selene 72 Ocean Explorer is very responsive and reaches a maximum speed of 12 knots . In addition, this vessel is based on a surprisingly silent single-engine formula as noted by the captain when purchasing it.

With all these qualities, the new Selene 72 Ocean Explorer is not going to be docked for long. Captain Yann has already planned a one-month cruise on board to discover Italy and Sardinia with a return via Corsica. A great program that we will not fail to follow!

Selene 72 Ocean Explorer - Trawlers Yachting

Selene 72 Ocean Explorer - Trawlers Yachting

Focus on the Trawlers & Yachting agency in Mandelieu by the magazine Neptune

As part of its dossier devoted to travel boats and trawlers, the magazine Neptune also came to meet us.

Importer of the exclusive Selene range since 2011 for France, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom, we offer boats from exclusive high-end productions.

Since 2006, we have sold more than 50 Sélène yachts throughout Europe and today we are also importers of trawlers Siréna Yachts and Fleming Yachts. As one of the few French specialists in traditional trawlers, we are happy to support captains like Yann in their long-distance yachting project.

When the members of the specialist magazine Neptune came to our new agency in the port of La Napoule , we were able to present our activity and our boats available for sale in new and in used boats for explain the trends and expectations of today's customers.

Discover without delay the dossier devoted to trawlers in the Neptune edition of March 2021!

Do you have a plan to buy trawlers? Need advice? We welcome you in Port-La-Napoule in our agency to present all our options of boats for sale and berths for your boat in the Alps -Maritimes.

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