New Selene 42 Eurodeck: a cozy Herreshoff-style interior to discover!

What could be more important than the interior layout to enjoy comfortable navigation on board a trawler.

The layout of the cabins and the design of the interior living space of a trawler is a key point to experience an exceptional cruise. Designed to sail for days on the seas and oceans of the whole world, the Selene Yachts of the Chinese shipyard Jet Tern compete in ingenuity to provide a space on board that is both comfortable and pleasant.

And the new Selene 42 Eurodeck raises the bar even higher with an inimitable Herreshoff style interior!

With beautiful woodwork, high-end details and equipment inherited from a tradition of old boats, the new trawler Selene 42 EU has been designed to appeal to the most demanding sailors. And for good reason: the traditional aesthetic of the Herreshoff style meets the modern design of this 13.7-meter motorboat suitable for the high seas and long voyages.

Set off without delay to discover this new trawler and its interior style: Trawlers & Yachting takes you aboard the new Selene 42 EU Herreshoff style to discover now in our nautical agency on the port of Mandelieu-la-Napoule.

Herreshoff style: interior fittings for exceptional yachts

Like the Haussmann style for buildings, the Herreshoff style was designed by a man: Nathanael Greene Herreshoff . Born in the 19th century in the United States, the naval architect and mechanical engineer graduated from Harvard and MIT decided to embark on the design of innovative yachts.

Among others inventor of the catamaran , the naval genius Nathanael Greene Herreshoff sculpted at the time impressive 40-meter sailboats able to face the vagaries of navigation. Also, to satisfy his nautical passion, he has developed key elements of modern yachting such as the invention of the keelboat or the light dinghy for example.

You will have understood that the man nicknamed the "Sorcerer of Bristol" had only one goal in mind: to design high-performance yachts that stand out for their design. than by the classic high-end style.

An accomplished sailor, 6-time America's Cup winner and recognized as an innovative designer, he has since left a strong legacy of his work through the realization of interiors of exceptional yachts and trawlers where tradition is at the service of luxury.

Salon style Herreshoff

Photo of the interior of the Selene 42 EU lounge - Trawlers & Yachting

Interior style Herreshoff - Selene 42 EU

Interior front cockpit Selene 42 EU - Trawlers & Yachting

What is the Herreshoff style?

The Herreshoff style inside the boats is recognized by associations of high quality materials and equipment .

Each element is chosen meticulously for its aesthetic qualities as well as comfortable and functional.

Inside the Herreshoff-style trawlers as on board the Selene 42 EU, wood, leather and some steel elements combine to create a harmonious and cozy whole. As at the time, attention to detail is maintained and the finishes are meticulous to offer a luxury effect on all levels.

Selene 42 Eurodeck: a cozy and comfortable trawler fitted out with the Herreshoff style

Natural evolution of the now famous Selene 42, the Selene 42 EU (or Eurodeck) is part of the lineage of the Selene Yachts trawlers.

With a comfortable covered cockpit and a spacious flybridge, the Selene 42 EU trawler was created for sailors who love travel being able to travel long distances. Delivered in standard version with a CE "B" certificate , its behavior on the high seas is optimal to ensure long cruises across seas and oceans.

SELENE EU 42 - Trawlers and Yachting Mandelieu

But that's not all! To ensure the comfort of the passengers and the captain on board during navigation, the Selene 42 Eurodeck adopts the interior Herreshoff style so sought after by lovers of cozy classic yachts.

Cabins, salon, galley area, interior cockpit, bathroom: the woodwork is everywhere inside for an exceptional cozy chic effect.

The omnipresent essence of red wood in the layout also brings a rare elegance to the entire interior, which becomes a warm space where life is good while sailing .

The very spacious living room accommodates a bench sofa for 5 to 6 places with a padded burgundy red leather covering that goes perfectly with the essence of precious wood that makes up the whole. The wooden chart table like the table in the TV area completes the set with a sleek style anchored in the Herreshoff trend.

At the center of the layout, the kitchen equipped with a stove, an oven, a large fridge, a microwave and a dishwasher (optional) also adopts the traditional style with a classic taps which stands out from the usual mixers.

The bathroom also adopts a traditional design around the electric toilet which is adjoined by a discreet and elegant rounded water point in the corner. The latter is equipped with a stainless steel mixer with original side opening wheel and design.

Another remarkable detail of the interior of the Selene 42 EU, the interior lights which, through their vintage shape, recall a incomparable traditional chic spirit . Ceiling, wall or suspension, the lights complete the interior decoration of this high-end trawler model without overdoing it.

Behind a molded wooden door with an engraved handle finally hides the intimate and comfortable side of the beds.

The owner's cabin space forward with a double bed and the starboard guest cabin with two single beds both benefit from the Herreshoff-style ambience. With practical storage spaces naturally integrated into the wooden structure of the boat, this interior is in keeping with the purest tradition of yesteryear boats.

Something to make more than a yachtsman dream of escape to other horizons aboard a unique trawler!

Are you looking for a quality transatlantic boat to travel far in peace? Are you looking for the comfort and aesthetics of a legendary trawler? Discover the new Selene 42 EU without delay and let yourself be seduced by its Herreshoff-style interior.

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