Sirena 68: an explorer model for premium travelers

Are you looking for a unit that can take you on a journey? Discover the Sirena 68 now to explore the world.

Released in the spring of 2021 and presented during the Cannes Yachting Festival, the new 68-footer from builder Sirena Yachts immediately won the hearts of high-end yachting enthusiasts.

It must be said that this new unit really has it all!

Incorporated into the range of units ranging from Sirena 58 to Sirena 88, the Sirena 68 is the result of a precise design both in terms of its hull and its interior layout.

The Sirena 68 offers reliable and serene navigation

The famous Argentine yacht designer German Frers therefore worked on the construction of this boat to give it an identifiable character from the first sight. The interior was entrusted to Dutch designer Cor D. River, who designed each space on board with elegance and functionality.

A combination of know-how and qualities making the Sirena 68 a true contemporary top-of-the-range expedition yacht.

Exclusive importer of Sirena Yachts boats in France, Trawlers & Yachting tells you all about this exceptional unit capable of sailing long distances in absolute comfort.

Discover the Sirena Yachts range

A unit made for long nautical trips

Officially launched 5 years ago, the Turkish shipyard Sirena Yachts continues to surprise the international nautical community with ever more exceptional boats.

The Sirena 68 is proof of this: this 68-footer included in the range of five units from the Turkish shipyard in 2021 is already establishing itself as an essential unit on the world nautical market.

Created to satisfy the travel desires of adventurous yachtsmen, the new model from the Sirena Yachts shipyard proves its reliability and uniqueness at all levels.

First of all at the level of the construction of the boat. The hull of the Sirena 68 is the evolution of the hull of the Sirena 64. As a result, it features a straight bow and a more efficient hull offering the possibility of sailing in economical mode at low speed as well as at high speed.

A perfect change to conquer the seas and oceans in optimal conditions!

A stylish and ultra-comfortable yacht designed for long-term yachting

The Sirena 68 sports the characteristic straight bow of Sirena Yachts units

Good browsing performance

You will have understood that the objective of the design of the hull of the Sirena 68 is to assume optimum performance whatever the speed.

Tested during a trial between the Old Port of Cannes and the Estérel mountains, the new 68-foot signed Sirena Yachts has also been able to prove its qualities as a great traveler by assuming high navigation capacities.

By picking up speed at half throttle off Mandelieu (06), the Sirena 68 was able to amaze the experts on board with its absence of vibrations and its excellent soundproofing inside the cabins and life. A real plus for offshore cruises during which it is essential to be in a calm environment.

And that's not all! The Sirena 68 has also been able to prove its ability to travel long distances without refueling thanks to a range of 900 miles while sailing at 9 knots.

Able to reach a maximum speed of 25 knots and a cruising speed of around 16-17 knots, this new model from the Turkish shipyard is therefore a concentrate of performance that ensures great possibilities for sailing everywhere.

Something to satisfy everyones offshore sailing enthusiasts looking for a large modern yacht to satisfy their desires to travel across seas and oceans.

Optimal performance and stability aboard the Sirené 68

Design at the service of functionality and comfort on board the Sirena 68

What would an Explorer boat be without an environment conducive to long cruises!

With a carefully studied layout, the Sirena 68 offers top-of-the-range services in optimized comfort in all spaces. The design of this 68-footer has been put at the service of practicality to create an assembly conducive to comfort, relaxation as well as offshore navigation.

Circulation is also easy on board: handrails are present in many parts of the boat to protect passengers during navigation.

In terms of comfort, everything has also been studied with precision by the designers.

The cockpit of the Sirena 68, for example, benefits from integral protection thanks to a large flybridge canopy

For its part, the kitchen signed Cor D. Rover also reflects a real conviviality in its design.

The wheelhouse accommodates a vast U-shaped galley on the port side with all the equipment necessary for a long navigation. Induction hob, dishwasher, large fridge: the fitted galley of the Sirena 68 is the functional advantage and inimitable design of this new boat.

To complete the practical layout of this unit, a dedicated dining area has been created to take full advantage of the space of this new Sirena yacht.

Sirena 68 interior layout

U-shaped galley equipped on board the Sirena 68

A perfect yacht for family cruises!

Thanks to her many functional layouts and her unique character aimed at combining design and practicality, the Sirena 68 is an ideal yacht for those who wish to go on a family cruise.

In addition to its spaciousness and its equipment, the 68-foot signed Sirena also has 3 cabins on the lower deck in addition to the sailor's cabin installed aft. This arrangement makes it possible to travel with several people during long stays without lacking in comfort or space on board.

Among the 3 cabins available, we find in particular:

  • A master-cabin
    Located in the centre, the master-cabin which takes up the entire beam of the boat and is equipped with a large bathroom and a dressing room.
  • A VIP cabin
    Rich in storage, this VIP cabin is remarkable thanks to its island bed and its beautiful adjoining bathroom.
  • A guest cabin
    To starboard, the guest cabin has twin beds and a dual-access bathroom.

Sirena 68 Master-Cabin

Sirena 68 VIP cabin

Sirena 68 twin guest cabin

It is also worth noting that there is an optional version of the Sirena 68 with a fourth cabin featuring superimposed berths tucked under the companionway. Enough to allow you to sail with your family in optimal comfort!

You will have understood that the Sirena 68 is an exceptional boat at all levels.

If you dream of distant voyages and cruises exceptional, this unit newly integrated into the range of Sirena yachts is ideal. Thanks to its high quality services, the Sirena 68 has already established itself as an exceptional boat on the nautical market of high-end offshore vessels.

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