Discovering the Kodiak Archipelago in Alaska aboard the Selene 66

Selene boats don't know borders!

Passionate about sailing French captain Joel Marc has embarked on an adventure beyond the seas and the horizon. Party of New Caledonia aboard the Selene 66 Jade, larger version of its previous version Selene 62, the captain first set sail for Japan for a few months.

It was after crossing the Pacific Ocean and the Bering Sea that the crew aboard the Selene 66 reached Alaska. Discover the sixth episode of the peaceful adventures of Jade, through a fascinating exploration of Kodiak Island in southwestern Alaska!

Selene 66 in Alaska: a nautical excursion in the North Pacific

It was after having traveled 2,440 nm (Nautical Mile or Mille Marine) and having held 320 hours of engine that the Selene 66 reached the coast of Alaska. Despite this course in unknown and tumultuous waters, the Selene 66 Jade managed to display a very economical fuel consumption of 18.75 liters / hour.

Very few yachts dare to venture into this region of the world, but the Selene 66 has proved its reliability and resistance by successfully crossing it.

The stopover has been made on Kodiac, a sanctuary for lovers of fishing and nature. In this location of the North Pacific, bears are kings and the island gives pride of place to the original nature of this beautiful place.

Barely larger than Corsica with its 9,000 km², Kodiak Island is a large island in the south of the Alaskan Peninsula. This is where the crew of Joel Marc decided to stop for a most incredible adventure in this trip in Selene 66 ...

Discover the story of the sixth episode of the adventures of Jade and dive into this exceptional expedition

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