The Selene 66 Jade continues its route in Alaska!

Exploration of Alaska continues for Jade!

After setting the heading for Prince William Sound in British Columbia , the 22-meter trawler Selene 66 headed for Lituya Bay.

It was 360 miles further south of its previous stopover that the navigator Joël Marc's boat designed by Howard Chen decided to navigate the Columbia Glacier area and then reach a deep fjord formerly named Port of the French.

Launched in the footsteps of the historical discovery expedition of Jean-François de La Pérouse commissioned by Louis XVI in 1786, the Selene 66 Jade continues its boat trip in Alaska in mythical places where the landscape reflects the grandeur of nature. Between large glaciers, fjord, preserved vegetation and northern lights, the trawler Selene Yachts Jade continues its special navigation in Alaska with reliability and serenity.

Follow the exceptional adventures of Selene 66 to discover the last frontier.

 Selene 66 Jade in Alaska - Lituya Bay - Trawlers & Yachting - Mandelieu La Napoule  Navigation map Selene 66 - Jade - Trawlers & Yachting

Selene 66 in Alaska in the footsteps of La Pérouse in Lituya Bay

We are at the end of August, it's winter in Alaska and the Selene 66 Jade continues its journey to discover Alaska!

With the gales coming from the Southeast, the Gulf of Alaska can be daunting for boaters at this time of year. Still, the Selene 66 made an uneventful crossing to the historic Lituya Bay Expedition Site.

This bay, formerly called the Port of the French, is the new playground for trawler Jade during his discovery of Alaska. During its journey, the Selene 66 sails in the mist and follows the banks strewn with tree stumps, sad witnesses of the passage of the tsunami which swept through this region in 1958 .

With her solid hull resembling that of the trawler Selene 62 , the Jade Selene 66 was able to Easily clear a safe path and cross the bay with serenity, taking full advantage of the region's natural resources!

T-shaped, the bottom of the bay is surrounded by two large glaciers including the famous Mount Crillon glacier integrated into Glacier Bay National Park.

Trawlers Yachting - Selene 66 jade en Alaska - Joël Marc

Continuing its navigation, the Selene 66 crosses Cape Spencer and its lighthouse installed at the entrance of Cross Sound to reach the Inside Passage leading straight towards Elfin Cove . Thanks to its navigation reliability and its solidity, Jade was able to enter this tortuous tube closed towards the sea by a wooded island which creates a perfect natural shelter for the boats.

It must be said that Alaska benefits from numerous coves protected from the prevailing winds, perfect for making stops on board while enjoying the magnificent natural landscape of this part of the world. However, even in summer, Alaskan coves are places of short anchorages where the boat can only stay a few hours.

The smooth navigation of the Selene 66 has made it possible to explore this exceptional place on the planet already visited two and a half centuries ago by the boats from La Pérouse L'Astrolabe and La Compass .

From Nouméa to Alaska, the Selene 66 Jade has not finished surprising us with its journey!

With its absolute maneuverability and its proven navigation consistency on the waters of the whole world, the trawler Selene 66 has been traveling the world for 3 years now for our greatest pleasure. Find the stages of the long-distance luxury trawlers Selene Yachts the most adventurous in the world in the magazine Sounding and on the dedicated blog Myjade.

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